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Is It Safe To Use Toothpicks? Here’s What Dentists Have To Say

So you just had an amazing steak dinner and now chunks of pesky meat are stuck between your teeth – naturally, you would reach for a toothpick to get the food debris out, but is that a good idea?

Toothpicks have been used by people all over the world for many decades. In fact, they are the oldest form of dental hygiene tools that date back to as far as 3500 BC. But it does not mean that you should rely on them at all times. 

  • Sure, toothpicks are very helpful when you immediately need to get a chunk of food out from in between your teeth, but you must be very careful because they can easily poke and irritate your gums and teeth in ways that are not safe for your oral health.

The constant poking and prodding from a toothpick in the same area can lead to inflammation, bleeding, irritation, and sensitivity which can develop into a sore spot. 

  • So what should you do when you are out and about and want to clean your teeth with something stuck in them? Dentists at Vitarelli Dental Saddle River recommend carrying a dental floss at all times with you. You can keep them in your car, your purse, or wallet and when the need arises, use them!

Dental floss is an amazing and safer way to get food particles to come out of hard places to reach in your mouth. But keep in mind, if you find yourself with food particles stuck in your teeth often, then dentists say that there could be an underlying issue such as a hole in your tooth, shifting teeth, or poor fillings.

  • If you are using toothpicks all the time to remove food debris because it keeps getting stuck in your teeth all the time, it is time to head to your dentist for periodontal therapy. Your dentist will be able to immediately find out irregularities with your teeth and gum and if there is something that is bothering you, they will give you permanent solutions. 

Even if you don’t have a serious condition, it is a good idea to regularly visit your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings to keep your mouth health top-notch. 

  • We at Vitarelli Dental do not recommend excessive use of toothpicks when you need to get rid of particles stuck in your teeth. If the need arises, keep a dental floss nearby at all times for a much safer solution. 

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