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7 Tips to Protect Your Children’s Teeth on Halloween

Holloween is just around the corner and for most kids, it means free bags of Halloween candy and a way to stockpile on candies for the entire winter. For parents, it also brings the fear that their children will suffer from various oral problems. 

Although it is completely fine for the kids to eat candy on Holloween, there should be a solid plan in place so you can control when and how much they are eating it. 

Here are some tips to help you set a plan and an oral hygiene routine to protect your children’s teeth on Halloween.

Limit the Use of Candy

  • Snacking too much on sugary stuff can easily increase the risk of cavities, and if your children are eating candy all day, the risk is tripled. You need to limit the use of candy on a daily basis.

Set a plan where you allow your kids to eat candy only at certain times. For example, limit candy consumption before going to bed.

  • You can even go for sugar-free sweet snacks. These snacks are not as bad as sugary snacks for oral health. 

Avoid Sticky Stuff

  • Candies pose a significant threat to teeth health, but if they are sticky in nature, the risks are doubled. The stickier the candy is, the harder it is to get rid of the mouth of food particles. Moreover, the saliva cannot wash away sticky candy as easily as it would on other types of sugary snacks.

If you see your children snacking too much on sticky candies like caramel chocolates, taffy, or gummy bears, try to tell them why it is important to avoid them.

Drink a Lot of Water

  • Most neighborhoods in the U.S get fluoridated water supply. Water that is rich in fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. Make sure your children are drinking plenty of fluoridated water. 

If you do not drink tap water at home, choose bottled water that is fluoridated. 

Avoid Soda and other Sweet Beverages

  • Flavored drinks, soda, and sports drinks all have a lot of sugar in them. When the children’s teeth come in contact with drinks that contain a high content of sugar, the risk of tooth decay is significantly increased.

Combined with candy, the risk is tripled and by the end of the holiday, your children may have already developed oral problems.

Brush Teeth Every Day

  • This is important for you and your family throughout the year. During Halloween, you must make sure your children are not skipping on brushing their teeth. Invest in a fluoride toothpaste and have them brush their teeth twice a day.

It is very important to brush the teeth if sticky candy is involved. Brush once in the morning, and once before going to bed. Change the toothbrush after every three months to make sure that the bristles have not frayed.

Timing is Critical

  • Eating Halloween candy with other sugary food or beverages is a bad idea. Ensure that children are eating candy only after their meals because when you finish a meal, the saliva production is high. 

This will help the mouth wash down any excess candy and it will also prevent tooth damaging bacteria from forming in the mouth. If sticky candy is involved, make your kids brush their teeth immediately after to prevent cavities. 

Visit the Dentist

  • Regular visits to the dentist are very important for healthy teeth. If your children haven’t been to a pediatric dentist in the past six months, make sure you visit a dentist before Halloween.

A child may already have plaque and other dental situations that a dentist can fix before Halloween begins. If these problems are not fixed before Halloween begins, the candy could accelerate the process and tooth decay may be apparent. Don’t ruin the Halloween experience for you and your kids and visit the dentist today. 

Vitarelli Dental is always welcoming parents and children alike. We strive hard to make sure you and your family’s dental health is looked after. We may even give you a plan to help you stay away from common oral problems during Halloween. 

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