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Why You Should Get Dental Implants – What to Know

Losing a tooth can pose a huge problem for any person no matter how old they are. Missing even one of their pearly whites can greatly affect their self-esteem, speech, oral health, and ability to chew. However, while losing a tooth might seem like the end of the world, there’s actually one thing that can make one’s smile good as new: dental implants.  

Dental implants can make a huge impact on your life, especially when a bright, toothy smile is one of your defining traits. Unlike other alternatives (such as removable dentures), dental implants feel and work just like natural teeth, making them the perfect option in case disaster strikes and you lose a tooth.  

However, before going for a dental implant or any other replacement teeth option, there are several things that you should know: 

Dental Implants have many benefits
Dental Implants have many benefits

The Versatile Nature of Dental Implants

Compared to standard bridge treatments and dentures that only restore a certain portion of a broken tooth, dental implants go the extra mile. They can replace missing roots, which allows for a level of stimulation in the jawbone that’s strikingly akin to what natural teeth can provide.  

Also, aside from looking great and feeling even better, dental implants can help preserve copious amounts of healthy gum tissue, which results in the reduction of potential bone degradation. Thanks to the more modern procedures used in installing dental implants, they can easily be fused with the jawbone to stimulate normal functions as much. They can also be restored aesthetically with bridges, crowns, and dentures.

Implants Protect Your Other Healthy Teeth

Losing a tooth due to periodontal disease or any other reason is devastating. To replace the missing tooth, the most widely used teeth replacement option is a dental bridge. But this method often involves cutting some parts of the adjacent teeth to make sure that the dentures sit comfortably.  

The procedure is also painful for some and may require pain medications under a treatment plan. However, thanks to dental implants, dentists are now able to position a crown or a bridge on the implant. This means that your other healthy teeth will never need to suffer. 

Dental Implants Improve your Facial Features

Dental Implants are installed in such a way that they tend to preserve bone and significantly reduce bone resorption. Dental Implants make sure that all of your teeth stay healthy by leaving them alone. The implants are strong enough to stay in place on the jawbone. When bone resorption and deterioration is reduced, it results in better jawbone height. 

Implants also help restore your jawbone structure by reducing the load on oral structures and help preserve natural tooth tissue.

Dental Implants Help Improve Dental Function

With the seamless integration of dental implants, performing regular daily functions that heavily involve the use of the mouth can be made much easier compared to other methods. By adding a fully-functional replacement, dental implants can make things such as eating, speaking, and chewing feels the way they should even if tooth or teeth are missing.

Implants Last Longer Than Anything Else

Typically, the standard tooth replacement option will last anywhere from seven to 20 years. In all honesty, that makes such options quite inferior compared to the lifetime guarantee of a dental implant. With the right amount of care and maintenance, a dental implant can last for the rest of your life without needing any kind of drastic overhaul. It is a long term solution that provides that makes dental care and good oral hygiene possible. 

Every Type of Dental Implant Looks Just like the Real Thing

One of the biggest concerns people have when asking their dentist about tooth replacement solutions is that the common alternatives tend to look quite fake (or even cartoonish). However, every type of implant looks natural simply because the construction of every kind and variation mimics a tooth’s natural roots in order to provide a really lifelike and true-to-spec finish.  

Extra details, such as an additional enamel coating, extra coloring, and other details help make a tooth replacement function on the same level as the rest of the teeth in a wearer’s mouth. When you smile with a dental implant, your smile will look far more natural than anything else. That’s the whole point of getting one.

High Success Rate

Thanks to modern implant dentistry, the success rate of dental implants is up to 95%. The surgical procedure used to place an implant at Vitarelli dental is actually quite minor and routine work. In most cases, the procedure requires only local anesthesia. 

After a short healing period, the implant is topped with a lifelike crown to support the implant. This crown is made by matching your existing natural teeth.

Need More Advice?

We understand getting dental implants is a tough decision to make, that is why at Vitarelli Dental we are eager to answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision. You can request an appointment online or walk to our dentist offices in Madison or Saddle River.

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