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Is it Safe To You An Expired Tooth Paste?

If you suddenly ran out of toothpaste and you are tempted to use an old tube lying back in your bathroom cupboard, you might want to think again about using it. While toothpaste does not have an expiration date, dentist in Saddle River recommends not using toothpaste if it is eighteen months old.

Does Tooth Paste Really Expire?

  • Toothpaste has to go through a lot of checks and balances before it can make it to the shelf of a drug store. Sometimes, it has to have certain ingredients and must follow standards set by the American Dental Association. Those who pass the standards get the seal of approval.

While the toothpaste does not have a fixed expiration date, some of the ingredients used to make one may have limited shelf-life. When this shelf-life exceeds the recommended time, these ingredients may become ineffective.

  • So in other words, if you are using a toothpaste that is older than 18 months or more, you are not getting the intended benefits. One of the first signs of an expired toothpaste is that it can start to break down which can decrease the protection you receive from it.

The Active Ingredients of a Toothpaste

  • Toothpaste are typically made with five active ingredients which include flavor, fluoride, abrasive, moisturizing agent, and a sweetening agent. All of these ingredients are listed on the pack of the toothpaste you buy. 

Sometimes these contain sorbitol or saccharin which is a cleaning agent. These ingredients have a limited shelf life and may not be as effective as they were while still in their shelf-life threshold. So it is very important to use a new tube if you suspect your toothpaste is old.

  • Most toothpaste have an expiration date of two years to ensure that the fluoride in them is effective when you use it. The ions in the fluoride only remain effective for two years. After this time has passed, the consistency, effectiveness, and the taste of the ingredient can change.

This is a good way to tell if you are using an expired toothpaste.

How Can You Keep Toothpaste Fresh

  • To ensure that your toothpaste does not expire before the 18-month mark, make sure to always close the cap properly after use. You must also make sure that the cap does not have any toothpaste left on it because it can easily attract dust and dander. 

If you store the toothpaste in the bathroom, it is a good idea to keep it inside a cupboard instead of keeping it outside. Try to keep your toothpaste and toothbrush away from the toilet because the bacteria near the toilet can easily contaminate your toothbrush and toothpaste.

  • While replacing toothpaste with a new one after a few months is recommended, it is also a good idea to visit your dentist occasionally for the best oral health possible. There are certain underlying dental conditions that can only be remedied by professional cleanings and exams by a dentist. 

Visit Vitarelli Dental in Saddle River for a periodontal therapy today and let us have a close look at your oral health. We will recommend the needed steps to ensure that your teeth and gums remain in pristine condition for the rest of your life. 

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