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Brushing or Flossing – Which One is More Important According to Dentists

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), good oral health depends on both regular brushing and flossing. However, a lot of patients that walk-in Vitarelli Dental office in Seattle often ask if either is more important than the other.

We always recommend a healthy dose of both brushing and flossing every day for optimal oral health, however, if for some reason you choose to only use one method, flossing is more important than brushing.

The goal of both brushing and flossing is simple, it is done to remove food particles, bacteria and remove any plaque buildup between the spaces of teeth. The plaque has several colonies of harmful bacteria that gradually eat away your teeth. Since brushing only removes plaque from the outside of the teeth, and is usually unable to reach the spaces in-between, it is important to floss regularly. 

Flossing allows individuals to remove plaque from the spaces between the teeth and underneath the gums. These are usually very hard to reach areas and it is where the most harmful bacteria reside. If you are unable to remove the plaque from these areas, it can eventually cause oral diseases like gingivitis, gum disease, and periodontitis. 

The Correct Way of Flossing

  • Before you can achieve optimal oral health, you must learn how to floss your teeth properly. Proper flossing involves using the string in C-shape and covering as much surface as possible., You should cover half of the tooth diameter from every angle possible. Make sure that you move the floss in an up and down motion against the surface and the gum tissue.

This way, the floss will gradually clean the entire tooth including the spaces in between and underneath the gum. It is very important to use both brushing and flossing for the best oral health possible. 

  • According to a recent study, a lot of people don’t brush or floss their teeth properly. Dentists recommend spending at least two minutes brushing one side of your jaw with a brush and spending about 4-5 minutes flossing your teeth making sure to cover every teeth and the spaces in between them.

For people who are starting out with flossing, the time it takes to completely clean your teeth may be quite a bit. But once you start regularly flossing your teeth, the time significantly reduces as you get used to the dynamics.

Visit Your Dentist

Regular checkups will ensure that no underlying oral disease is left undetected. Early detection of an oral disease means better and easy treatment options. 

Doors of Vitarreli Dental are always open for new patients. You can simply call us for an appointment or log in to our website and request an appointment online. It only takes a few minutes for a regular checkup, so don’t ignore visiting the dentist until its too late.

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