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7 Best Home Remedies for Managing Root Canal Pain

Many consider root canal a very uncomfortable procedure, but at some point in their life, people will have to deal with it. The pain and swelling from an infected tooth can render your daily life difficult, so a root canal is the only option for long-term relief.

However, some people will go through intense pain even after the procedure has been completed by the dentist. We sat down with Vitarelli Dental in Saddle River to discuss how you can manage root canal pain at home. They gave us a list of home remedies that you can use to find immediate relief from post-root canal pain.

Use Garlic to Sooth Root Canal Pain

  • Garlic is often used to provide relief from everyday toothache. It is widely known for its medical and antibiotic properties and has been used throughout history to treat various common illnesses. 

To soothe the pain of root canal, simply slice a piece of garlic and place it next to the affected tooth. You can also chew the garlic to find immediate relief from pain.

Salt And Pepper

  • Mixing salt and pepper together can help you relieve sensitivity in your teeth. Combining these two provides antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. For the best results, mix salt and pepper in equal amounts with a few drops of water and turn it into a paste.

Apply the salt and pepper paste directly to the affected tooth and leave it there for a few minutes. Keep on doing this for a few days and you’ll be free from pain.

Ice Pack

  • An ice pack is a very effective remedy for immediate pain relief. Simply apply the ice pack topically on your jaw nearest to the affected tooth. It will not only help reduce the root canal pain but will also control any inflammation you have on your gums.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also a good remedy for root canal pain. You can add a few drops of this tea into lukewarm water and rinse your mouth thoroughly with the solution. Repeat this couple of times daily and you’ll be free from pain.

Salt Water

  • A tablespoon of salt mixed with a glass of warm water can also help you with pain. Gargle the mixture thrice a day and try to hold the liquid in your mouth for a couple of minutes before spitting. Saltwater gradually decreases the pain so you will have to keep on repeating this.


  • A freshly cut piece of cucumber placed on the affected area in your mouth can effectively beat toothache and any other pain such as post-root canal pain. Try it today, it’s really easy!

Olive Oil

  • You can also apply olive oil over the affected area with the help of a cotton bud or ball. It will gradually soothe the area and the pain will reduce. You can use clove oil for treating the pain as well.

Visit Your Dentist

  • If the pain persists even after a few days have passed, you may need to visit your dentist for a quick checkup. Some times the root canal procedure can result in a failure and may need to be checked again.

Vitarelli Dental will gladly look at your mouth for suspected problems after a root canal procedure. Book an appointment and come for general dentistry and we’ll get to the bottom of this together.

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