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5 Ways Yogurt Is Good For Your Dental Health

Visit a dentist in Madison or Saddle River for Periodontal Therapy and you are bound to be told to eat more yogurt daily. Dentists around the world consider yogurt to be a superfood for your mouth. Not only it is very tasty and a fan favorite amongst kids, men, women, and elders, but it is also an excellent source of calcium and probiotics.

There’s even many research studies that have found enough evidence on yogurt being highly beneficial for your oral health. If you’ve never heard of these benefits, keep on reading as our dentists reveal the 5 ways yogurt is good for your oral health.

Yogurt Keeps Your Gums Healthy And Safe

  • Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics (good bacteria). These bacteria have active cultures that effectively slow down the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities. 

Keeping your gums healthy is crucial for your oral health and your overall health because gum disease can increase the risk of various health conditions in your body including heart disease. When you are shopping for yogurt next time, make sure its label says it has active cultures in it.

Yogurt Strengthens the Teeth in Both Adults and Kids

  • Did you know that yogurt is a rich source of calcium? And you may already know that calcium is extremely important for the bones as well as the teeth. If you have growing children, make sure you encourage them to eat yogurt on a daily basis. The calcium from the yogurt will help strengthen their teeth as well as their growing bones.

Yogurt also protects the tooth enamel and effectively prevents tooth decay in young children and adults alike. So eat away as much as you can!

Yogurt Can Freshen Your Breath

  • Yogurt reduces bad breath in your mouth by eliminating bad bacteria that contain compounds like hydrogen sulfide. When this bacteria is cleared away by the probiotics, your breath eventually gets better.

Yogurt Reduces The Acid In Your Mouth

  • Harmful bacteria in your mouth can live longer and become stronger if the environment in your mouth is acidic. Yogurt can effectively bring the pH levels within the mouth into a friendly zone where such bacteria cannot survive or become strong. 

So next time you are shopping for yogurt, try and get your hands on sugar-free variants for the best results. Dentists also recommend eating Greek Yogurt because it is one of the best kinds of yogurt due to a higher number of probiotics contained in it. 

  • If you or your children do not like the taste of sugar-free yogurt, you can try adding fruits, honey or other sweet food into the yogurt to give it a better taste. Just make sure you are not using foods high in sugar.

Yogurt Is Excellent if You Wear Braces

  • If you are wearing braces then you should eat yogurt regularly because it is very braces-friendly food. It is soft and easy to eat and never requires any chewing to swallow. Yogurt is also versatile which means you can combine it with other healthy food and reap even more benefits.


There is no doubt that yogurt does wonders for your oral health. Combine yogurt with daily brushing and flossing for healthier teeth. 

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